Mandurah & the Peel Region - Aboriginal Culture/Heritage Tour

Aboriginal Culture/Heritage Tour

Aboriginal Culture/Heritage Tour

June 22, 2018
12:09 - 2:09pm

Cost: 1 Hour Tour - $15 per person (includes entry to the Forest Discovery Centre)

Did you know Aboriginal people have six distinct seasons instead of four? They use the changing of these seasons to herald their move to new hunting grounds. Take a journey through the six seasons with a Noongar guide and learn how Indigenous people used the six seasons as a calendar to measure where and what to hunt, and how this method ensured survival and sustainable use of their land. Tour groups will also be introduced to a number of traditional tools and discover many uses of plants and animals during a forest walk. The importance of totems in conserving species and sustainable management of the forest will also be discussed.

2018-06-22 12:09:00
2018-06-22 14:09:00

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