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Christian Fletcher Photo Images (Mandurah)

Christian Fletcher has been a professional photographer for 27 years and still retains all of the passion and enthusiasm for taking a great photograph. At the core are three aspects of photography: capturing the beauty in landscapes, teaching his technical skills to others, and using his photography to reinforce the connections we all have with our natural environment.

When Christian moved to Dunsborough back in 1990, he dived into photography as a career; which meant that he took photos in between paying the bills with two manual jobs not related to photography. In the pre-digital and pre-Photoshop days, Christian had to perfect working with the only tool at his disposal—his camera—which remains the essential skill in creating the best images possible even today. He ‘marinated’ himself for many years developing black and white images in a secluded darkroom in his parents’ house, and eventually started to sell his images in a local restaurant.

Following six hard years of effort doing commercial, portrait and wedding photography, he was ready to give up, until he walked into a gallery in Esperance that inspired him to focus on building a gallery full of landscape images. He returned to Dunsborough with a renewed purpose, and sold his images in market stalls and in a small gallery space at the local framing shop. As his sales increased, he then established his galleries in the early 2000s and Christian Fletcher Photo Images was born.

Christian has perfected the art of light, composition, colour and post processing. He believes that all great landscape images have to have the ‘perfect light’ at their core, and it is this light that he is most respected for.

His images are on display in his two galleries in Dunsborough and Mandurah in Western Australia (and on, and he teaches both online and in workshops across Australia and around the world (

Location: 9 Smart Street, WA 6210, Australia
Phone: 8 9581 5570
Fax: 8 9581 5714
Mobile: 0402 415 770


Open 7 Days

Monday to Saturday: 9am to 5pm

Sunday: 10am to 4pm

Closed Christmas & Boxing Days and Good Friday

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Christian's Mandurah studio is located at 9 Smart Street Mall, Mandurah. GPS: Lat -32.533474 Long 115.720161

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