Wheelchair - All Terrain

Wheelchair - All Terrain

The City of Mandurah and Midway Community Care purchased the Hippocampe All Terrain wheelchair to allow all members of the community to have access to our beautiful beaches and walkways. The All Terrain wheelchair can be loaned from daily use to up 7 days (longer use negotiable). The All Terrain wheelchair is to be used within the City of Mandurah boundaries. Consideration will be given for use outside of these boundaries by negotiation.

Location: 75 Mandurah tce, Mandurah WA


The All Terrain wheelchair is available for loan from the Visitors Centre, 75 Mandurah Terrace. This chair is able to be used on both beach (with balloon tyres) and rough land surfaces (with bicycle tyres). Please inform staff at the Visitors Centre of your intended use so that they can provide you with the necessary equipment. It is highly recommended that users and attendants watch this instructional video before using the wheelchair. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvFsTdK3d2s

The All Terrain wheelchair has been designed to allow people with restricted mobility to go to the beach and seaside, go into the water to go swimming and also allows travel over rough land surfaces. The chair was designed by people with restricted mobility for people with restricted mobility and can be used by people of all ages and degrees of mobility. The All Terrain wheelchair can be set up with tires for use on different types of terrain – from concrete to rough land surfaces, allowing users to participate in most outdoor activities. The user can push the chair independently when these wheels are fixed. The All Terrain wheelchair weighs just 17kgs and is fully collapsible, making it easily transportable in most vehicles (Dimensions 140x55x55(cm)) Note: The maximum weight limit for the chair is 130kg.

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