Milk and Dairy l Visit Mandurah & The Peel Region

Find out about the secrets of milk and dairy fun facts


Have you ever wondered where milk comes from?

Discover interesting milk facts that will make you think twice before skipping that serving of milk!

The dairy visit is an off-site activity, especially for primary aged students.

Owner and local resident Frank Wood, provides a colourful and informative talk.

Students and teachers alike, can pat and help bottle feed a calf or two, during this very worthwhile pursuit.

Then take a trip to The Cream Shed to watch cows being milked while listening to a colourful and informative talk.

See how the cream is separated from the milk, enjoy a glass of fresh milk then head off to feed the calves. Milking daily around 4pm. Suits school and family groups. Bookings preferred, but not essential.

Location 13km east of Waroona (Woodside Road, off Nanga Brook Road)
Phone: 0455 206 071

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